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Stone surface restoration, preservation and maintenance

Highly trained technicians. Quality results. All stone types.

Stone Services

Let us transform your stone or marble surfaces into something beautiful.

Our Specialties

  • Granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, and marble
  • Fountains
  • Concrete polishing
  • Building facades
  • Exterior pavers
  • Stone sealing and impregnator
  • Grout work
  • Power washing

Our Commitment to Quality

Metal-Brite has built its reputation on quality, trust and professionalism, with over 150 years of industry expertise, extensive quality control and regular specialized training.
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Industries We Serve

Commercial Office

Metal-Brite will make your commercial property look like new, from lobbies, entrances and facades to tenant spaces and common areas.

Education & Institutional

Metal-Brite proudly provides services to universities, schools, hospitals, museums, airports and more.


We know first impressions make all the difference in hotel and restaurant industries. This is one reason we are a trusted vendor in these industries.


Our residential real estate work focuses on beautifying high- rise lobbies, common areas, and ensuring high end finishes.


Metal-Brite provides specialty finishes, historic preservation and field-applied finishes for both new construction and renovation.


When a surface is maintained properly no amount of foot traffic is too much. Metal-Brite maintains many big box stores, malls and retail plazas.

Service Excellence

Our multi-layered Center of Service Excellence is the backbone of our company that enables us to deliver first class services and develop long lasting business partnerships.

Quality Control

Metal-Brite's Quality Control allows us to regularly develop, test and maintain our restoration programs and certifications to ensure the consistent delivery of quality services.

Metal-Brite University

Metal-Brite's apprenticeship-style career training is our system of preparing the next generation of skilled staff. As a result, they stay with us longer, are better utilized and deliver the best service in the restoration industry.

Customer Service

A robust infrastructure, a strong onsite presence and frequent communications are key elements that allow us to maintain first class service standards in the building restoration industry. Our staffing structure is multi-layered, with a single dedicated point of contact overseeing your account.

Sustainable Initiatives

Metal-Brite has been working with environmentally sensitive products for over a decade. Our LEED AP certified staff ensures we are on the cutting edge of Sustainability.

Specialty Services

In addition to the standard wood, stone and metal restoration and maintenance, Metal-Brite is proud to provide specialty services such as glass restoration, concrete polishing, and high performance painting.

Where We Operate

  • New York

    Eleven Penn Plaza
    Suite 110
    New York, NY 10001
  • New Jersey

    Eleven Penn Plaza
    Suite 110
    New York, NY 10001
  • Connecticut

    Eleven Penn Plaza
    Suite 110
    New York, NY 10001
  • Philadelphia

    1515 Market Street, Suite 1200
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • Wilmington

    1515 Market Street, Suite 1200
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • Boston

    75 Arlington Street
    Boston, MA 02116

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