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The Best Approach for Cleaning and Restoring Your Grout

Grout cleaningWhile tile cleaning is more or less straight forward, grout cleaning can be a bit of a challenge.  All grout will discolor eventually.  How quickly depends on foot traffic and your chosen method of maintenance.  Because of its porous nature, it tends to trap and hold discoloration.  Here are your options for cleaning grout:

Grout Cleaning Only (lowest price)

In conditions where the discoloration is surface only or if the grout was well-sealed previously this may clean it up like new.  Other times the grout may have some permanent discolorations. In this case the grout cleaning may show some improvement, but there will still be discoloration.

Grout Cleaning and Clear Seal (mid-level price)

While grout cleaning with a clear seal will not hide existing discolorations, it will make the grout much less porous. This will prevent stains from seeping deeper into the grout and make future cleanings easier.

Grout Cleaning and Color Seal (most expensive)

Color sealing allows you to hide any discolorations, making the grout look like new.  It also prevents new stains from seeping deeper into the grout and makes future cleaning easier.

Color sealing your grout also provides waterproofing and makes it more mold and mildew resistance.  It extends the life of the grout and saves you money in the long term.


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